5 Great Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Coronavirus has forced all of us to hole up in our cozy quarantine caves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun during this strange time. For instance, many of us have been able to enjoy a new routine where our “work commutes” are just about as long as it takes to walk from the bedroom to the living room or home office. Maybe this era of the Coronavirus has afforded you a newfound ability to recommit to your personal health and overall well being, or maybe you’re finally keeping up with a regular routine of meditation, and you even signed up for one of those online workout classes that you never saw yourself doing.

Despite the personal triumphs, we’re still being forced to get creative when it comes to reshaping parts of our lives that won’t be the same for a while. In this case, we’re talking about birthday parties. You want to celebrate that beautiful life you’ve been given, but how do you do this in a way that is safe, and ultimately enjoyable? We’ve got five great and cheap birthday party ideas that maintain social distancing regulations. Just cause you’re living through the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean that you’re not about to have the best birthday party you’ve had yet.

1. Plan a drive-by birthday party.

Sometimes seeing each other virtually still isn’t enough. This difficult time has made clear more than ever for many of us that technology can’t replace the experience of physically seeing someone. It’s just not the same. Even a physical air hug from the car can be more meaningful than a virtual celebration. So, reach out to close friends and safely assemble the masked crew to drive by and surprise whoever that special someone is with the next birthday. Just be ready for the waterworks.

2. Play a game with the whole crew.

This is a great way to reignite the old rivalries of your beloved friend group as you bring everyone virtually together to celebrate your friend’s birthday. You can all mix up your favorite cocktails, get extra silly, and proceed to get way too competitive over fun app-based games like Uno or Mario Kart. Jackbox Games also offers tons of fun multiplayer games for this nostalgic birthday party theme!

3. Attend a Livestream concert or show.

Many of the world’s acclaimed artists and bands have been making the extra effort to offer virtual replacements for their originally in-person, scheduled shows. So, you and a group of your friends can get all dressed up in your favorite outfits with that special Hugo cologne. Putting on a special Hugo Boss fragrance or perfume will have you feeling and smelling like you’re about to turn up at a show, all from the cozy confines of your home. This can be a great way to simulate the awesome experience that is attending any concert with your closest friends. Just make sure to bring a flask if you’re over 21 years old!

4. Give yourself the gift of self-care.

Being forced to spend all this time in our quarantine caves has inspired many of us to recommit to self-care. Maybe you’re finally meditating on a regular basis, and actually keeping up with that skincare routine you never fully dedicated yourself to. Well, why not just break out all the fancy self-care products at your disposal for a night of ultimate relaxation? Maybe it’s time to finally try out one of those CBD bath bombs you’ve heard your friends ramble on about endlessly. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on that infamous burger from the snazzy bistro across the city, and the special occasion calls for spending the extra money to order it in. Just call in ahead of time and ask whether they have Cuboh online ordering. As long as they do, that means you can order from Doordash or Caviar, or any other platform. It won’t matter, because Cuboh puts all the online ordering platforms on an individual tablet, which ensures a streamlined process, quicker delivery, and less time drooling over the thought of that steaming plate of pure goodness.

5. Host an outdoor movie party.

With weather permitting and a handy projector available at your disposal, there’s no reason you can’t throw the next great outdoor movie party. You’ll be able to bring a select group of friends together to safely socially distance, chat, and enjoy a movie in your backyard. It’s a great way to get outside, break free from the quarantine cave for a bit, and actually see some of those special people in your life, in person. Just make sure that everyone stays six feet apart throughout the festivities!