5 Perks of Being Single

Being single has become weirdly taboo. When you go home for Thanksgiving, the first question on everyone’s lips is “are you dating anyone?” Checking the “single” box instead of “plus one” on a wedding invitation feels like a defeat. Movies and TV shows seem to revolve around love, and single people can’t stay that way to get their “happily ever after.” And asking for a table for one at a restaurant is met with weird looks of pity. It is almost expected that you should have a partner, so a single individual can be seen as an anomaly or a problem that immediately needs to be solved.

But what if you said a swift, wholehearted “screw you” to all of those stereotypes? Being single doesn’t mean you need to be pitied or you are actively looking to change your situation. In fact, being single can lead to happiness, freedom, and plenty of other benefits you won’t experience in a committed relationship. So even though it’s true that the romantic comedies and Hallmark Christmas movies will still revolve around love and finding your perfect match, now is the perfect time to embrace your singleness and all the wonderful things that entail. Here is a quick list of just a few perks of going it alone and learning about yourself without a romantic partner.

1. There’s less financial stress.

“Honey, what do you think about this huge financial decision I wish I could make without your input?” If you’ve ever asked that question, you probably remember how it feels asking your partner for their permission to make a major move with the finances. The anxiety of asking your significant other how they feel about you digging into the savings account for something YOU want doesn’t exist in the single world.

That pool you have been wanting to build in the backyard for years is just one call away to Lakeland Florida pool builders when you’re single. Create that at-home oasis you’ve always wanted, pool and all, without worrying about judgment or other expenses. When you’re single, you get to splurge on perks and things that will make your life more luxurious.

Being single is also so much cheaper because you’re only ever spending for one. You don’t have to buy those expensive Christmas gifts or treat for dinner after your significant other got a big promotion. You’re only responsible for you and your own expenses. Take the stress off of doubling your expenses while enjoying the single life.

2. Your bed will get more use (in more ways than one).

While it may seem like a dream to cuddle up in your pajamas with a significant other at the end of the day, being single can actually help you sleep better. Think about it, no one will be ripping the covers from you in the middle of the night (not on purpose, of course). No one is getting out of bed and waking you up. No one is snoring so loudly that you have to go sleep on the couch just to get a little rest. As a single person, you will most likely sleep soundly and wake up feeling more rested. So slip on those pajama sets for women and curl up in bed knowing no one will disturb your sleep. We guarantee a robe or comfy pajamas will be way more luxurious than any partner. Give yourself the treat of healthy, fulfilling sleep while feeling comfortable and cozy.

Of course, the main purpose of your bed is for sleeping, but it’s also useful for something else. That’s right, we’re talking about sex. While it’s true that individuals in a committed relationship may have sex more frequently, single people are actually having better experiences. So if you’re looking for a more explorative, exciting sex life, singleness may be the best path for you.

3. You make your own schedule

Living a single life means you have a lot of opportunities for socialization and fun outings. Do you want to get brunch with your friends on Sunday morning without worrying about your partner questioning you? Are you hoping to go out of town for the weekend without needing to consult anyone about your plans? How about that birthday party your partner planned for you that you wish you could cancel? Spending your birthday alone will actually be a blessed relief. Welcome to the world of being single where we don’t need to run anything by anyone, and you can spend your special day exactly like you want—whether that’s by the pool, at the spa, or on the couch.

When you’re single, you have more time to build a schedule that works best for you. You are able to focus on your priorities, hobbies, and interests without someone taking up a large chunk of your time. In relationships, we often put our partners near the top of our list, which causes our daily and weekly schedules to revolve around dedicating what little free time we have to them. When you’re single you have more time to dedicate to yourself and work on your own goals and your career.

4. Your friendships will thrive.

When you’re in a relationship, that person is a huge part of your life. They’re the ones you go to about everything and who you spend most of your free time with. When you’re single, you start looking for other people to fill that void and you get to enjoy fun times with your best friends. This means your friendships will absolutely thrive. Rather than relying on your partner for everything or always making plans with them, you have more availability to get together with other people that matter to you or maybe even make a new friend. Rather than having one person supporting you and lifting you up, you have a whole team of cheerleaders behind you. Allow yourself to recommit to your other relationships when you aren’t spending so much time with one person. Finding good friends is a big deal and it can make your life brighter and fuller overall.

5. You learn more about yourself.

You’ve seen those relationships where each partner is just adjusting their personality to fit in with the other person. It’s a little scary, isn’t it? It’s so easy to lose yourself in a relationship and commit so much to that other person that you actually forget who you are at your core. Being single allows you to regain confidence and get to know yourself again. You have the opportunity to try different things, find new hobbies, and take time to get on top of your mental health. Figure out what you really want out of life and how you plan to achieve it. At the end of the day, another person won’t make you feel whole or fulfilled. You need to find that within yourself before you’re truly ready to get out there and commit to another individual.

Being single also brings you confidence because you get to problem-solve and grow on your own. When an issue arises at home, it’s up to you to figure it out. Or, if you experience a setback, you have to decide to move on based on your own strong reputation. Embrace the freedom of being alone and finding motivation for yourself and your dreams, not because someone else is there. So make that list of things you’ve always wanted to do and try. No one is holding you back anymore. Decide what you want, figure out how you can get it, and enjoy the result.