5 Tips for Throwing an Impressive At-Home Dinner Party

If you want to impress a group of friends or new colleagues, a dinner party at your home is a perfect idea. Not only will you be able to show the group exactly who you are through your personal physical space, but it also provides an opportunity for you to show off your cooking and alcohol-pairing skills. As an added bonus, when your guests have had a few libations, they will have loosened up it may be easier to get to know each other and bond. If you want to throw a killer at-home dinner party that will impress anyone you have over, follow these five great tips.

Invest in Your Kitchen and Dining Space

Having a group of people over to your home is a perfect time to show them who you are through the decor and products you keep around you. Make sure you pick up some innovative products for cooking and entertaining at an affordable price through the Berlinger Haus line. Berlinger Haus offers a variety of cookware in looks that will match any kitchen. You can search their wares by broad category of cookware or by style. Their rose gold cookware collection is especially striking and is sure to impress guests. Very few people opt for rose gold in their kitchens, and why not? It brings a touch of color and elegance to any space.


Get the Cooking Done Before Everyone Arrives

One of the top tips for throwing a successful dinner party is to finish all the cooking and prep before your guests arrive. That way, you will have more time to entertain your friends and colleagues and will not have to worry about putting the final touches on any of your dishes. Ask your guests in advance if they have any food allergies. For example, if someone can only eat Halal foods, make sure that the items purchased at the grocery store come from producers that have a Halal certification. It is also best to choose a menu that you are familiar with and have cooked before so that you can avoid any last-minute kitchen catastrophes.


Go For a Classic Playlist to Set the Tone

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of the dinner party is the overall tone and mood. Make sure you create or choose a playlist of music that is ambient enough that your guests will be able to mingle over the sound, but is notably enjoyable. A classic playlist of jazz or swingy vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and Frank Sinatra should do just the trick.


Make Sure the Liquor is Flowing (Responsibly)

If you want to throw a killer dinner party, make sure you have plenty of alcohol from your local liquor store by the time all of your guests arrive. You should have the standard white wine and red wine options, but you may want to consider some drink options beyond wine. Supplying bourbon, bitters, vodka, and various cocktail mixins will prompt your guests to get creative while giving them enough choice of drink that they will find something that makes them comfortable. Just make sure you are watchful if you’re going to have alcoholic beverages at your gathering, as drinking could get out of hand if you are not careful about consumption.


Take Time to Make Connections Between Guests

The perfect dinner party should not only impress your guests but also should foster connections between them. It would be ideal if each of your friends and colleagues left the party having met someone new who they enjoy. Make sure you study up on your guests if you yourself do not know them well so that you can make connections between them based on common interests. They’ll thank you later when they’ve scored a new friend or a new job through your networking efforts.