5 Tips to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

If you love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, these two words are sure to excite you: road trip! As traveling has become more popular, a certain method of travel has increased in popularity as well. Traveling and living in an RV is now a great way to see the country without worrying about housing or stopping somewhere for shelter. Now, it’s easier than ever to take your home with you. With the expansion of the motorhome industry over the past decade, you may be interested in getting a camper of your own. And once you do, you’ll want to find the best way to make it homey and comfortable.

A home on wheels is obviously much different than a stationary structure. But even with less space, there are great, easy ways to make your RV feel roomy, comfortable, and totally functional whether you’re living there permanently or taking an extended vacation. So as you plan your great RV adventure, take these steps to feel like you’re traveling in a true home.

Insure it like a home.

When you buy a house or a car, what is one of the first steps you take? You purchase insurance. So when you’re buying a home on wheels, an extended warranty is a necessity. An RV extended warranty is basically a service plan for your new home. Your warranty provider will help you in case of a mechanical breakdown or with costly repairs. So before you start your travels, invest in a good RV warranty so you can have peace of mind with your new vehicle.

Actually decorate.

When you first purchase your RV, it will come standard with blank walls and technical elements. To make your place feel more comfortable, you need to actually decorate. Bring out the paint, get fun rugs, and hang stuff on the walls. (Of course, no nails, please, you don’t want to mess with the electrics of your camper.) You can even DIY your decor. Online sites can sell you custom pieces as well as kits to paint and design your own artwork. Check out paintloose.com and see how you can spruce up your motorhome with fine print artwork.

Add homey touches.

When you think of decorating, you immediately think of bedspreads and big-ticket items, but there are extra touches to add to your RV to make it feel homier. For example, simply replacing the industrial-looking valances with cohesive curtains can make your space feel like a home and not a vehicle. Other homey touches like throw pillows, ottomans, and diffusers.

Stay organized.

It’s no secret that as a new owner of an RV, you’re going to be dealing with less space than you have in a traditional home. It can be easy for the space to feel cluttered and overwhelming, so staying organized is key. This is going to requiring some creativity and some helpful hints for storing items you may not use every day. The kitchen alone will benefit from storing items in extra drawers or with added shelving. Same with your closet space. Your RV is equipped with hidden areas for storage, so be sure you’re taking advantage of every organizational trick so you can enjoy a clutter-free, livable environment.

Remember, outside can be home too.

Just because you’re traveling in an RV, doesn’t mean you have to spend 24/7 inside. In fact, it’s encouraged that you get out and enjoy the landscapes you’re visiting. Just remember that when you stop for the night or set up camp, outside can become a part of your home, too. Consider investing in a pop-up tent and some outdoor folding chairs. This will give you extended space and a change of scenery from the interior of your RV.