6 Small Gifts to Buy Yourself This Payday

It’s nice to spoil yourself every now and then — and payday is the perfect occasion. You just received a check for all your hard work; why not treat yourself to something that’ll make you feel pampered and more confident? It’s important to invest in yourself because you deserve it! We have created a list of 6 small gifts you should buy yourself this payday.

1. A Cellphone Case


It can be hard to find a unique phone case that fits your personality, and since you most likely carry your phone everywhere you go, you’ll want a case you truly love. An updated cellphone case from Limited 77 will give your phone a stylish, unique look. Limited 77 offers cellphone cases for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and Google Pixel phones. These cases are crafted from real wood and encased by shock-absorbent rubber that offers the best protection for your phone. Aside from protecting your phone, Limited 77 cellphone cases are also gorgeously designed.

2. A Bra That Fits

We all have that one favorite bra, right? Chances are, your go-to bra is probably frayed around the edges because you’ve worn it (and washed it) so many times. It’s probably time for an upgrade. Having a variety of bras is good for when you wear uniquely-shaped tops as well. There are many types of bras like a strapless bra, sports bra, and padded bras just to name a few. People like wearing strapless bras if they have a delicate summer dress without straps. A sports bra helps when engaging in physical activities. Take this quiz to find the perfect fit for you!

3. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a brilliant gift to give yourself. When you’re cleaning the house or just relaxing, it’s nice to listen to your favorite music without dragging your laptop or phone everywhere you go. And sometimes our laptops and phones are just not loud enough. Having a Bluetooth speaker will let you listen to music everywhere you go. It connects right to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth. This Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker comes in many colors and has stellar customer reviews.

4. Faux Lashes

Many people use fake lashes with glue, but who has the time? Magnetic Faux Lashes are made of the highest synthetic fibers that make your lashes look naturally full and gorgeous. With six magnets to keep them secure, you definitely won’t have to worry about your falsies falling out — they’ll last until the second you decide to take them off. Glamnetic has a large variety of lashes to choose from — even brightly colored lashes! Whether you want to go full glam or an understated look, Glamnetic has you covered. You’ll be ready for any event with Glamnetic’s Magnetic Faux Lashes.


5. A Journal

Have you ever felt the need to vent about how you’re feeling? Writing how you feel in a journal in extremely cathartic, and one of the best ways to fight stress and wind down at the end of a long day. There are many things you could do in your journal (you can treat it like a food diary, write down your goals and accomplishments for the day, or even doodle). This is an inexpensive gift you could buy for yourself and feel good about it.

6. Indoor Plants

Plants don’t just belong outside. Household plants are the best way to bring nature inside. Plants like the Peace Lilly or aloe vera purify the air in your home. If you don’t have a yard, you could plant herbs like basil or mint inside. Even a fake plant can fill any awkward space into a green paradise. What are you waiting for? Try finding your local farmers’ market to pick out the perfect indoor plants for you. You might come across a lavender plant that can help reduce anxiety.

Don’t worry, it’s okay to spend that leftover change on yourself. Try buying something that will make you happy. This is your time, your money, and your emotions.