7 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Work Out

Working out is one of the toughest and most worthwhile physical and mental challenges you can undertake. To reach your fitness goals, you have to be consistent and stay motivated. But let’s be honest—it’s can be difficult to stay driven, and gyms being closed due to the coronavirus doesn’t make it any easier.

So, what do you do on those days when you just don’t feel any incentive to get up and bust a sweat? How do you stay motivated? Continue reading to get some tips that will help you find your drive and reach your peak fitness level.

Determine and memorialize your purpose for working out

One of the most important things to have before you start working out is a purpose. You’re going to sweat, your muscles are going to ache, and your mind will tell you that you’re crazy for doing this to yourself. While working out is good for you, you’re going to need a much better reason than that to push yourself during those moments when you want to quit. Find a purpose and let that be a source of inner strength.

Envision yourself achieving your workout fitness goals

Whatever your purpose is for working out, keep it in the forefront of your mind while you’re training. If you decided to start exercising after noticing a particular fashion design you like is only available in petite tops, then envision yourself wearing that top. Having a mental picture of yourself achieving these objectives will help you to keep pushing when the going gets tough.

Make a workout playlist

What would the soundtrack for your rise to greatness sound like? Rocky Balboa certainly had his. The iconic image of that character charging up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while Survivor belts out “Eye of the Tiger” is immortalized in cinema history. So, what’s your “Eye of the Tiger?”

Make yourself a playlist of songs that will get you pumped to workout, then play them before and during your training. While getting fit is hard work, doing it to your favorite songs adds an extra element of fun, energy, and motivation.

Develop a workout plan

Sometimes, the hardest part about staying on track towards your fitness goals is making time. When you have a busy schedule, it’s easy to push exercise to the back burner in the name of taking care of business.

One way to make sure that you keep your fitness goals a priority is to plan out a workout regimen. Plot everything you want to accomplish, from the days and times you want to work out and what exercises as well as the number of reps you want to do. Once you figure out those details, write them down on a workout chart, and put your training sessions in your personal planner.

Get creative with your meals

Even when you get used to working out, eating right can be a challenge. All the training in the world won’t get you to your peak if you’re not getting the proper nutrition.

Try doing something creative for breakfast—like making an acai bowl—to help you get into the spirit of healthy eating. Acai berries are tasty and considered to be a superfood because they’re packed with essential nutrients.

Be sure to dress your acai bowl with different fruits and nuts to add color and flavor. You’ll be surprised by how large a role food presentation plays in your appetite.

Use positive self-talk

One of the greatest favors you can do for yourself is to be your own biggest cheerleader. Talk to yourself and cheer yourself on—you converse with yourself all day long, so you might as well make it positive. Remind yourself that you have the drive and ability to reach your fitness goals.

It’s easy to doubt yourself if you’re not getting positive reviews or encouragement from others, but you have to see your progress even if no one else does. Encourage yourself and build your inner strength while you’re grinding and sweating, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done after each training session.

Practice mindfulness

While it is important to keep your fitness goals in mind and envision yourself achieving them, you also have to learn to be in the moment to perform your best. Being in the moment is all about staying mentally present no matter what you are doing.

Concentrate on the task at hand. Feel your muscles work and burn. Pay attention to your breathing as you exert yourself. Practicing mindfulness will help you to maximize each moment of your training.