Bringing Home Your Fur Baby: 5 Things You Should Do Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but before you become a dog owner, there are some essentials you want to have ready. Whether you get a small dog or a large dog, you’ll need to make some changes around the house and purchase the right supplies before you take them home. Read on for five things you should do before bringing home your new dog.

1. Purchase all your basic supplies

Dogs have a lot of needs and when you become a dog owner, you’re responsible for them. Food and water bowls, toys, an ID tag, grooming tools, and a bed are a good place to start. Make sure you pick up a leash as well, though you will have to decide what style is best for your dog and whether or not you’d like to use a harness. When purchasing a dog bed, you want to be positive that the bed is big enough, but not too big, otherwise, your dog might not feel comfortable using it.

2. Make a plan for training

Whether you’ll be handing the bulk of the training yourself or trying out a class, make sure you have a plan for teaching your pup how to behave. Housetraining and learning commands require effort, time, and consistency. If you’re not able to devote time to training your dog, consider a daycare or a class that can help. A lot of apartment buildings require that a dog be housebroken before moving in, or that the dog goes through a training class, so look into the requirements where you live before bringing a puppy home.

3. Puppy-proof your house

Make sure your electrical cords aren’t exposed, put safety latches on low cabinets, and put anything you don’t want to be eaten out of reach. Protect your dog and your home by fixing any problem areas in advance. Make sure you create safe zones for your puppy that are sectioned off when they first come home, too much space can be overwhelming and before they’re trained, puppies can make a mess of your things and your furniture.

4. Consider a crate and harness

Dogs often enjoy having a space to call their own, so having a crate when you’re bringing a puppy into a new environment can be helpful. A dog harness is also a necessity, whether you have a small dog breed or a larger one. Most people prefer a no-pull dog harness like this one fromĀ Joyride Harness, widely considered the best on the market. You want to look for features like adjustable straps and make sure it has a secure fit before purchasing. You might want to wait until you have your pup so you can measure them to get a perfect size.

5. Find a vet

You’ll want your new pet to have a check-up within a week of bringing them home. You can ask friends or family for recommendations or look for reviews of local vets online to find the right doctor. Your vet will also generally be the place you pick up monthly medications for your dogs, so make sure the location is convenient enough that you’ll be able to make regular trips.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into new pet ownership. Before you go and find your perfect pup, make sure you and the house are prepared. Whether it’s purchasing essentials like a crate and a harness or making sure your home is safe, you’ll be glad you got everything ready when your puppy is home for good. Puppies can be a lot of work, but if you’re prepared and conscientious about training your new furry friend, you’ll have a friend for life.