Cannabis Gifts That Will Make Anyone’s Day

The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate. It’s not surprising how many people are cannabis enthusiasts, considering the euphoric high and creativity that it sparks. People are becoming more and more familiar with cannabis and its medicinal benefits, which leads to healthy indulgence, emotional and physical relief, and enjoyment. If it’s legal in your state, then it’s a great idea to give someone who smokes a pack of cannabis pre-rolls as a gift.

However, not everyone enjoys the odor of marijuana or cannabidiol, often nicknamed CBD. They both share a remarkable resemblance when it comes to scent. There are other ingestible forms of THC that are derived from the cannabis plant. Edibles from a dispensary, for instance, won’t have such a strong, lingering aroma. The cannabis Sativa plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, with the two most studied (and popular) being THC and CBD.

THC, technically named tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive chemical compound in marijuana, while CBD is known for affecting our brain, too, but it is non-impairing. After consuming any form of CBD, you aren’t left feeling intoxicated, you remain clear-headed. Now that CBD and THC are decriminalized in almost every state, and legal in quite a few, the gift of ganja will always set the mood and leave the recipient feeling better than ever.

A Gift To Rid The Odor


The smoke odor that THC and CBD products produce can be rather overwhelming to new enthusiasts and experienced users alike. A THC-rich vape cartridge has a more mild smell compared to smoking a pre-roll or blunt, but it will still have a subtle scent, which is why some people use smoke odor-removing products to freshen the air up a bit. In order to get rid of the smoke smell, you can use a smoke odor eliminator that will work as an air freshener.

Vape Cartridges


There are many different forms of vaporizers now, some only require one puff to get you zooted. Recreational states have USB rechargeable THC vapes and disposable vapes that generally allow for 100 to 250 puffs. For people who prefer using flowers or concentrates, like shatter, wax, or live rosin, you can buy dry herb and concentrate vaporizers that do not come with pre-filled cartridges. The oven inside the vape heats up once you pack ground flower inside, so you can push a button and take as many hits as you need. Most also contain trays for concentrates. Some cartridges are filled with delta-8 THC. While a Delta 8 cartridge is legal in most states that sell CBD, they have a very low amount of THC inside of them.

Dry Herb


You can gift a friend dry herb from a cannabis Sativa plant or you can gift THC herb from a hemp plant depending on the legality of what state you live in. Some states have considered THC and CBD to be of recreational use, while some states only consider CBD to be recreational. If you’re able to gift THC, there are two different strains, Indica and Sativa. The two strains Indica and Sativa have many different properties. Indica strains have more sedative features making it a more relaxing high, while a Sativa has a more uplifting high making it a better gift for social events.



Edibles are a great gift for the enthusiast who does not enjoy the smell of the cannabis flower. Cannabis flower can have some unpleasant odors if the person you’re gifting doesn’t enjoy the smell of smoke. When celebrating Valentine’s Day or a special occasion, cannabis and chocolate make for the perfect love story. When you marry the two ingredients together, the cannabis leads to a deeper emotional connection and an enhanced sex life, while chocolate in and of itself is considered an aphrodisiac.