Coping With Separation and Divorce

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, which means you’re not alone if you’re going through a separation or divorce. This can be an extremely difficult time and you might not know who to turn to, especially if you’re used to relying on your significant other. If you’re feeling lost, here’s hope you can cope with your separation and divorce. 

Grieve For What You’ve Lost

While no one has died, you still need to go through the grieving process. You’ve lost something that you hadn’t anticipated losing, and depending on the circumstances of your separation, it can feel extremely sudden. You should allow yourself to feel any emotions that arise during this time, whether they’re sadness, anger, or despair. 

Remind yourself that you won’t be feeling this way forever, and if you start to feel overwhelming depression, talk with your doctor. Make sure you’re being open with yourself and your friends about your feelings and what you’re going through. If you’re finding it hard just to get out of bed in the morning, you may need to talk with your doctor about medications for depression. Experiencing depression after a divorce isn’t uncommon, so just stay honest with yourself and others about what you’re experiencing and get help if you need it. 

Talk With a Professional

It’s important to have friends and family to rely on during this difficult time, but talking with a professional at a New York psychiatric office can also be extremely helpful. You can’t be as open with your friends as you can with a professional, and your psychiatrist will be able to help you better process your separation and your divorce. Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms of depression, going to therapy will help you gain perspective and skills.  

Going through therapy can also help you get ready for a new relationship. You can process what happened in your marriage with your therapist and understand what you can change to help a future relationship succeed. You’ll also learn how to cope with what’s happening to you and how your life is going to change. Don’t be tempted to tackle this difficult experience on your own. Having a professional working with you can make all the difference in your emotional and mental health. 

Know When It’s Final

Being separated can be difficult. You might have talked with your partner about potentially getting back together. You both might not be sure that you want to get a divorce. This might be when you both attend marriage counseling, or your partner might use this time to move out of the house and find an apartment nearby. During your separation, you’ll want to sort out your finances and have a lawyer create a separation agreement.  

Sometimes, a separation works for a couple and they can sort out their differences and get back together, but for many couples, the separation is followed by a divorce. You and your spouse will need to file the divorce papers with the court. After that, the process is out of your hands and you’ll have to wait for the divorce to be finalized. This waiting can be terrible since some find it difficult to move on without the closure of the divorce’s finalization. You can check divorce records to see if your divorce has been finalized. Having the ability to check these records can help you gain a sense of power over the proceedings even though it is out of your control. Once you know the divorce is final, you can move on with your new life. 

Being separated and getting a divorce can be extremely trying. Allow yourself to grieve and talk with a professional. You’ll find that you’re more resilient than you ever thought you were.