Great Ways To Pamper Yourself in 2021

New year, new you, right? Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but you can still change some of your habits in the new year. All across the United States, and the world, people spend New Year’s eve making resolutions‚Äîbut most of those resolutions will be broken by the time February rolls around. So, how can you make sure that your New Year’s resolutions are different?

You can start by avoiding grandiose resolutions like giving up meat forever or losing 20 pounds by the next New Year’s eve. Those types of resolutions are designed for failure. Instead, start with bite-sized New Year’s resolutions and scale up as you go. Instead of declaring that henceforth you’re a vegan, incorporate a couple of meatless days into your week.

Another thought is to make a New Year’s resolution that you’ll relish fulfilling. Maybe you can resolve to practice more self-care and pamper yourself some more this new year. If you’d like to add some more pampering to the menu for 2021, keep reading for some ideas to treat yourself in the new year. You may be surprised to discover that they’re not as farfetched as you may have imagined.

Make it easy to stay hydrated.


Staying hydrated is key to everything from good digestion to clear pores, and you’d think it would be easy to drink enough water to do so. After all, every deli or mini-market has gallons of bottled water right there for the taking, sent from bottled water companies to a shelf near you. If you don’t want to go to the deli for bottled spring water, you have tap water right in your home. How hard can it be?

Nonetheless, people in the U.S. are regularly dehydrated and low on electrolytes. There are plenty of reasons for this‚Äîthe bad taste of tap water, the expense and trouble it takes to keep going out to buy more plastic bottles filled with spring water. Plus, let’s not get started on trying to choose between Fiji water, Aquafina, Dasani, Nestl√©, and the rest of the water companies out there. This NYE, resolve to sidestep the bottled water industry and get your natural resources delivered to your door. You’ll be healthier and happier, and it’s an easy resolution to keep!

Sign up for a subscription box service.


It’s easy to keep a resolution that keeps itself for you. By signing up for little things you love to be sent to your door once a month, you can try new things and enjoy feeling pampered without going out of your way. There are a million and one subscription services out there for everything from Cheese of the Month to Book of the Month. Every month is a special occasion with this New Year’s resolution!

Try new flavors and tastes on for size.


Trying new things is the way to find new favorites you’d never have imagined. One easy resolution to keep that will all make you feel treated is to try new flavors and tastes, or food from places you’ve never been. Have a date night with yourself and order from a new restaurant. There’s no reason that you can’t enjoy pure life from the comfort of your home, especially since staying home is in the public interest these days. While you’re at it, add a few new beverages to the order. When next year’s NYE rolls around, you’ll be able to say that your taste buds are more well-traveled than they were last year.

This new year, make the resolution to treat yourself right. Try new things, drink plenty of great-tasting spring water, and sign up for a service that sends you presents every month. That’s a great start.