How Healthcare Trends Are Changing in 2021

Despite all the challenges endured in 2020, it’s a new year now. 2021 is bringing optimism for a better future on so many fronts, including in an industry that went through a war last year: health care. Here are some trends to keep an eye out for as we enter a new year and deal with a “new normal.”

Advances in Technology


Incredible strides are being made almost daily for better patient care, whether it’s from pharmaceutical solutions or greater technology. Telemedicine was put to the test and prevailed in allowing doctors to help patients from afar throughout the pandemic. With an elaborate online booking system, patient data was still easily accessible for practitioners to provide a continuum of care online with the help of wireless technology.

Going wireless is all the rage, including in the world of obstetrics. With the development of the wireless ultra sound probe, a user can have the freedom to maneuver around any patient body type. With impeccable image quality, clinicians are finding that these scanners are creating a new gold standard in ultrasounds. These point-of-care ultrasound mechanisms, or POCUS, connect wherever and whenever for high-quality care during physical examinations. These wireless probes are also finding their way into other branches of medicine like cardiology, radiology, and even family medicine. With the use of Bluetooth, you can easily set up a wireless ultrasound probe with a connection to Wi-Fi.

Nearing the End of the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic created an all-hands-on-deck situation in the medical world. However, the brave men and women on the frontline across the U.S. are defeating the invisible enemy. As mentioned, this did bring telemedicine from skilled providers to an absolute apex. The pandemic did require medical care from afar for patients dealing with ailments other than the coronavirus, but more offices are welcoming patients back for regular routine care. Offices like Healthcare Associates of Texas are welcoming patients back for a litany of specific health concerns and comprehensive services.

Texas Healthcare Associates not only operate as primary care providers for patients of all ages but provide much more expansive care services. This ranges from chronic disease management to injections annually, such as the flu vaccine. This can go beyond just a primary care provider, exploring other possible forms of medicine that may be necessary for a particular ailment. With a broad range of clinical experience, you can rely on these medical offices to ensure you maintain a healthy life at any age. Services can include diagnostic testing to monitor blood work for any new developments to even mental health solutions.

Greater Focus on Mental Health


While there are still strides to be made, the stigma surrounding mental health is beginning to disappear. The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth new feelings in some people that were never felt before and exacerbated symptoms of stress and anxiety for others. A combination of provider storage and inadequate insurance coverage for mental health treatment led to a dire situation. However, behavioral health services are now becoming more readily available and accessible, with or without health insurance.

This is just another facet of a full continuum of medical services, with new investments in behavioral and mental health solutions. In the U.S., President Joe Biden has shown a new commitment to affordable health care beyond internal medicine. Mental health treatment was labeled as essential under the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama Care, which was established while Mr. Biden served as Vice President. The Biden administration has created a strategy to address the growing suicide rate among veterans while increasing the presence of school therapists and investment in school mental hygiene programs.