How To Be the Perfect Host or Hostess

Being a perfect host or hostess is often a make it or break it situation. If you fail at this huge task, the word may spread and outsiders may look at you differently. This isn’t actually true, but it’s the scenario that plays out in our minds when we are tasked with taking on hosting duties. It isn’t unusual to find someone who is preparing for hosting duties to be agitated, worried, and in many instances, a complete ball of stress.

Due to our own worries and insecurities, the idea of hosting any type of event can leave us planning for weeks in advance hoping to make our get-together perfect in every way. If you’re preparing for an event at your home or other venue, taking these tips on how to be the perfect host or hostess into consideration will help you avoid stress and make your gathering memorable.

An AC unit can cause major issues when hosting an event.

One of the most stressful location issues you may face is air conditioning. If you are hosting an event during the summer months, your guests will expect to be kept cool and comfortable. If your HVAC system is on the fritz, you’ll instantly hear complaints from those in attendance. Before the date of your get together, make sure you check for working air and speak with an air conditioner repair technician if you notice any issues. One of the quickest ways to upset a gathering group is to leave them overheated during a great party because you forgot to check the HVAC system.

Whether you are using your own home or a venue chosen for a special event, making sure everything is in great working order for your hosting duties is a must. The last thing you want to do is call in for an emergency repair while guests are on the premises. Before guests begin to arrive, a bit of routine maintenance is crucial. Making a walkthrough of your home or venue will give you an idea of any issues that need your attention. The last thing you want is to be remembered as the host or hostess caught without a working air conditioner. By getting ahead of these issues early on, you can welcome guests without worries of something going wrong.

Be welcoming to everyone who attends your event.


As a host or hostess, one of the most important duties you must attend to is being the welcome wagon. It’s important to greet each guest who arrives at your event face to face and show them they are welcome to attend. By being approachable and friendly to each attendee, you’ll see that conversation starting is easier. This leaves a great impression with those gathering and spreads word of mouth about your hosting capabilities.

Some gatherings that take place in the home may include that of a congregation. If you or a loved one run a church from home, those coming together have similar beliefs. Being welcoming and friendly to those in attendance for a worship service or Bible study group is the best way to spread fellowship and show followers your door is always open no matter what they may need.

Fun and excitement makes memories everyone will cherish.


It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re hosting, fun and excitement will leave your guests with something to remember. Party games are a great way to break the ice when people come together. Games are also an inventive way of getting the conversation rolling. This will help everyone in attendance make friends and feel at ease. Before the night of your gathering, plan out the activities you plan to introduce. You can even run your ideas by family and friends to get their take on your creativity.

Being the perfect host or hostess takes quite a bit of thought and creativity, but if you’re dedicated to making your event memorable, you can find great ways of making your night a success. It’s important to remember, however, even the host or hostess is allowed to have a good time. Enjoy yourself and your event will be something everyone will remember for years to come.