Girl Holding a Magnifier Searching for Quality

How to Check For Quality When Buying Your First Sex Doll

No matter your reason for purchasing a sex doll, you know that this product is a significant investment. The dolls are often crafted to be as life-life as possible, offering you the best possible experience. However, you want to check for quality and ensure that you get your money’s worth. 

Cheaply-made dolls can break easily or deliver a low quality experience, while premium sex dolls will last for years. Doing your research will ensure that you make a well-informed decision. This guide will break down some key steps for vetting sex doll products and checking for top quality. 

Buy from a reputable company

The first step in checking for quality when buying a sex doll is to research doll manufacturers. Look into whether a potential company specializes in sex dolls or if they sell products from a third party. Research their manufacturing process and policies. You can also browse their social media profiles to cross check their products, location, and contact information. And of course, be sure to call their customer service line if you have questions.

Know your materials

Material is the top factor to consider when choosing a quality sex doll. While you may see some dolls available in materials like latex, the top materials on the market today are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Silicone may be the better option for you if you plan to bring your doll into a hot bath, since it stands up to heat well. It also is more difficult to tear. However, TPE is soft and mimics the feel of skin, so it is a highly popular option among sex doll owners. Your ideal material may depend on personal preference, but it’s generally best to look for these two types. 

Ensure the listing has photos

When you see a sex doll that looks appealing, be sure that the company provides several photos and perhaps a video of the product. This allows you to see how the doll looks at all angles and whether its limbs bend. You can ensure that the size of the doll meets your preferences and that it has a realistic facial expression. All of these factors contribute to your decision, and it’s tricky to verify every detail without a selection of photos. 

Read online reviews

Online reviews are like personal recommendations. You can determine whether a company creates quality products by reading what past customers say. Some red flags to watch out for are products that tore or broke quickly, reports of misleading product descriptions, and instances of poor customer service. You should also pay attention to how the company responds to negative feedback and whether the negative comments outweigh the positive. 

Always inspect a new product

You might be excited to try out your new sex doll right away, but remember that most of these procucts can — and should not be — returned. As soon as you take the doll out of the box, inspect it carefully for tears, missing parts, and customization mistakes. If you find any issues, you should immediately call the company. However, keep in mind that most reputable companies will have a quality control process to ensure that these mistakes do not happen. 

Taking the time to vet and research a potential sex doll investment will ensure that you recieve a quality product. While you are certainly making your buying decision based on personal preference, factors like material and company reputation are often more important. Once these factors check out, you can trust your chosen sex doll vendor and confidently purchase products from them in the future.