In the Age of Self-Care: How to Design the Ultimate Health & Wellness Gift Basket

Gift baskets are no longer stocked with just candy or wine. In this day and age, people are looking for something that will match their lifestyles. So, if you’re looking for the perfect health-and-wellness basket for a friend or loved one, here are the essentials you’ll want to include.

Organic CBD

CBD has become extremely popular with those looking for natural wellness, and for good reason. CBD oil comes from hemp but does not have any THC properties. CBD has plenty of health benefits, too. It can relieve anxiety or pain, fight insomnia, and even help you battle addiction. CBD edibles are a great gift to include in your basket for a friend or loved one. Some people are hesitant to purchase CBD for themselves because they don’t understand it, so putting pure cbd gummies into the basket will give them an idea of what it is really like. You could even include information on what CBD is if you think your loved one might not know the details. Once they learn that CBD is not hallucinogenic, they’ll love all the health benefits that come from CBD products.



You should be wearing sunscreen every day if you want to prevent skin cancer and keep yourself healthy. That makes this a perfect product to include in your health-and-wellness basket. Include a high-quality product like LUMASOL (or a printout gifting a subscription to their products) in your basket. With LUMASOL, your friend can have SPF protection without having to use a greasy product that’s bad for their skin. The sunscreen mist is easy to apply, even over makeup, and the packaging even changes color when it’s time to reapply. For someone interested in staying healthy, this is an amazing gift.


Gym Membership

Many people love the idea of going to a gym but can’t afford the membership fees. If you have a local gym or fitness studio that you love, grab a gift certificate and include it in your basket. Many places offer a variety of gift certificates, so you could do one for a month of membership or a certain number of classes. You could even gift several sessions with a personal trainer. Everyone should be working out at least 30 minutes a day, and some people need a reminder or a push to make that happen. With the gift of membership, your loved one will have no excuse for not working out.


A Spa Day

Who doesn’t feel amazing after a day at the spa? Americans suffer from a huge amount of stress, so the recipient of your basket will benefit from this gift certificate no matter who he or she is. At the spa, your loved one can get a massage or a facial and forget about every day worries. Too much stress can lead to fatigue, illness, and mental health conditions. A spa day gives a person the chance to relax and breathe, which can make all the difference in his or her physical and emotional health.


Dark Chocolate

You don’t have to get rid of all the treats to keep your gift basket healthy! Dark chocolate has plenty of health benefits, including antioxidants, nutrients, and improved brain function. A little dark chocolate can feel indulgent, but it won’t ruin your friend’s diet like a whole basket of sugary candy would. Include a bar of fair trade dark chocolate in your gift basket for just the right amount of indulgence.


An amazing health and wellness gift basket is easy to create. With these items, you’ll make someone’s day, as your loved one will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and pampered. Self-care is easier than ever with these great gifts!