Planning the Perfect Night In

From watching your favorite television shows to coming up with a theme, there are many ways to plan the perfect night at home. Whether a special date night for Valentine’s Day with your partner or a movie night with your family members, any night at home can be perfect with a little planning. For ideas on how to create the perfect night at home, read on.

Costumes and Themes


In the middle of a global pandemic, most of us haven’t been able to travel. The perfect night at home right now could be as simple as coming up with a theme. Whether you dress like Tchami and put on your favorite medieval movie, or search online for Halloween clearance costumes, why not have some fun with new places and experiences? A fun way to satiate that wanderlust‚Äìcoming up with theme parties for your family members might not only pass the time but teach children about other cultures too.

Maybe your child’s studying in another country online. Or maybe they’re taking a drama class at school. Why not have a Shakespearean family night where everyone acts out a role and picks the perfect stage name. Where social distancing and restrictions are in full effect, now might be the best time to make family memories by being creative.

Think of themes your family would be interested in and make the family night a collaboration of ideas. Put one person in charge of the menu, another the entertainment, and someone else the decorations. As silly as it may sound, this could even become a tradition after the pandemic lifts.

Pajama Parties


From flannel to cotton, PJ’s come in nearly every style and fabric. If comfort’s your thing, you could browse for pajama sets for women and make a pajama party your theme. This is the perfect excuse to pick up loungewear for the whole family, and a pajama party could be the perfect way to spend a night together making memories.

For a pajama party, you’ll want a collection of favorite movies on top of comfortable sleepwear. Pizza or even breakfast in bed might be the perfect items for the menu. You can make the night even more perfect with entertainment like karaoke machines, board games, or a favorite jigsaw puzzle. Or, make blanket forts in the living room and pile them on the pillows and sleeping bags.

Spa Night


You can easily bring the spa into your home. Maybe you’ve spent the last year looking like you’d fit right in with real housewives with shocking mugshots due to the pandemic. Between online schooling your kids and working at home, you haven’t even had time to get your hair cut professionally in a year. You certainly aren’t alone but the perfect night at home could change things.

What about ordering supplies to create your very own spa night? From masks to skin conditioners and more, you could start at your toes and work your way up‚Äìbringing your old beauty routines and habits back. The pandemic won’t last forever and starting with spa nights now might be a great way to give yourself some pampering and hope for the future. When planning your spa themed night, don’t forget the music. A playlist with your favorite new song at the top will do wonders for setting the mood.

In the end, our homes are our safe-havens. While the world around us deals with a global pandemic, it’s nice to take the time to make things at home feel special. Whether you are balancing the kids with remote work and homeschooling, or are an essential worker who needs an escape, a great form of self-care is taking the time to plan that perfect night at home. Ask your partner or family members to help you plan and set aside the time to make it special. You’ll thank yourself for it.