Software and Tech Tools To Use Throughout Your Company

Considering what the business world looks like today, it’s hard to imagine how anyone bought, sold, or recorded anything before there were computers and smart devices. These days, mobile apps allow customers to peruse your entire inventory without leaving the comfort of their home or bleachers of their son’s basketball game.

These days, it’s more important than ever to be sure you have the right software programs to complete your enterprise infrastructure. If you don’t have an IT system capable of handling your business operations and protecting your data, you’ll find yourself eating your competition’s dust. Continue reading to learn about some tech tools that can revolutionize your small business.

eCommerce Website


One of the greatest developments in business is that online shopping allows customers to go shopping anywhere they have an internet connection. Having an eCommerce store used to be revolutionary, but now, online stores are essential even for small businesses.

Most business owners don’t have time to learn how VictoryJS with React can be used together to create data visualizations for their website. However, EnderTech takes the guess-work out of web designing with their eCommerce site development solutions. They can build an eCommerce site to your specifications with the tools you need to attract and serve customers.

EnderTech also offers great tutorials on their website for aspiring software engineers. Whether you’re trying to learn the basics of JavaScript or the intricacies of how Victory JS works with React components for creating data visualizations, EnderTech’s blog site has the info you’re looking for.

eCommerce Inventory Management


When you’re selling products online, one of your main priorities has to be ensuring the accuracy of your inventory. Fewer things are more frustrating for shoppers than to go through the entire online purchasing process only to find out that one, some, or all of the items in their virtual shopping cart is out of stock.

Eigen’s inventory management system is the best way to ensure your online store doesn’t accidentally sell any out-of-stock items. The EigenRun software engineers created a great tool capable of helping business owners become masters of managing their inventory and online sales.

Remote Working Infrastructure


Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the entire United States with a mighty blow that knocked out much of commerce. Many small businesses had to resort to remote working to continue their business operations.

If you haven’t been involved in a company meeting over an awkward video call, you’ve probably seen commercials parodying what’s become the new way of having company meetings and gatherings. If your office is closed due to COVID protocols or you have remote team members in a different city or even a different country, you need a system to keep everyone on the same page.

It’s easy for remote workers to fall prey to distractions. Working in a home office is a lot different than being in a normal office setting, especially when the afternoon arrives. With an OKR tool, you can keep your team members in alignment with company objectives and monitor their productivity using data analytics and metrics that deliver powerful, actionable insights.

If you know what it’s like to work remotely, you know it’s difficult to stay on task when you get to make your own schedule and change your work hours at will. However, objectives and key results (OKRs) software is a powerful tool for business owners and project managers working with remote teams.

Customer Relationship Management Software


Some experts believe that customer experience is the most important factor in the success of companies. With that being said, customer relationship management (CRM) software is the ultimate customer experience optimization tool.

The best thing about CRM software is that it uses analytics to give your company valuable insights into individual customers’ shopping history and customer service issues. It even delivers metrics that help you develop products and special promotions for your customers.