Tips for Staying at Your Best While Working From Home

Most people haven’t experienced a pandemic before now. All non-essential businesses are shut down for the time being and millions of people have been laid off. Other companies have asked their employees to perform their work remotely. There are six tips you should know, as they will help you stay at your best while you are working from home.

1. Get Up, make your bed, and get dressed

When you’re working from home, you may feel getting dressed is a pointless endeavor. ”Why not stay in my pajamas all day?” you might be wondering. Well, there’s a good reason for getting up, making your bed, and throwing on regular clothing. You want to feel normal throughout this time where almost everything is abnormal.

Wearing work blouses for women while you’re working at home will likely benefit your mental health. You can even throw on a little makeup, too. White House Black Market sells a broad range of clothing; there is something designed for everyone. If you want to stay at your best, remember getting dressed for remote work is essential to your mental wellbeing.

2. Get out and get moving

Being cooped up inside your home working for weeks, or months could cause anyone to go a bit nutty. Fresh air will do you a bit of good right now. Your whole family can enjoy leisurely walks every day. Getting out of your house for 30-45 minutes will help you maintain your sanity.

3. Schedule a therapy session

Many people who have no record of previous mental illness are now needing therapy. Mental health care is more important than ever. A therapist’s priority is setting treatment goals, lending a compassionate ear, providing insight and advice, and helping you stay sane throughout quarantine.

Being that mental health clinics are shut down, teletherapy is a modern alternative and equally effective. Scheduling a virtual appointment with a therapist in NYC is the first step to easing your anxieties. The NYC Therapy Group is an expert in the mental health field and they are staffed with the best therapists. Your counselor will determine if psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or dialectical behavioral therapy is the best choice for you. You can spill your soul to your new Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R,) tell them your woes, and notice a positive change after each session. The best part, you don’t have to reside in New York City in order to take advantage of their services.

4. Join a book club

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness in reading books and discussing each chapter with your friends. You can still chat about literature with all of your friends over Zoom. Social engagement is vital to staying sane during quarantine and what better way than starting a book club? Drink some wine and begin to feel that sense of normalization.

Remember, there is only one rule: no one can talk about what is going on in the world while virtually attending book club meetings. This is your safe space to distract yourself from the chaos and panic. Everything else is fair game!

5. Come together as a community and sing

The internet has videos of Italians hosting solo balcony music performances and DJ sets during the quarantine. Every night at 8 p.m., the housebound people of Europe lean out of their windows and clap and cheer—as a tribute for the hard work the medical community puts in, standing on the front lines.

We have to engage in social distancing, for our health and the wellbeing of others, but this doesn’t mean we can’t come together and unite as a community. Call your neighbors and ask if they’d be interested in setting up a time every night to go outside and sing. Your entire street can participate in brightening up the world just a little bit.

6. Plan out your day

Having a plan for each day of working remotely will give you something to look forward to. You can have a pajama day filled with board games after you finish your workload. Just dust off the boxes and flip a coin to decide which game your family will play first. Or maybe an arts and crafts day is more up your alley. Pull out all of your craft supplies and make whatever DIY creations you desire. You can use Pinterest for inspiration if you’d like.

Being stuck in quarantine and working remotely can be difficult—but you can get through this. And you can do so while staying sane. If you try to focus on the positive aspects of being housebound, you’ll stay at your best.

If you can be optimistic about not needing to commute to work, spending more quality family time, and finally finishing projects or chores you’ve been wanting to get to, you will feel better emotionally. You can do this; remind yourself that this is only temporary.