Unique Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Leave an Impression

Whether it’s a custom gift for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or your child’s birthday, giving the perfect gift can be a challenge. When hoping to give gifts that make an impression, the best way to start is with a brainstorming session. From thinking outside the giftbox to finding ways to personalize a gift, you can easily come up with something they least expect if you put some thought into it. For ideas on gifts sure to leave an impression, read on.

Home Improvements and Spending Time Together


Good company and companionship is a gift you can’t take back. A good choice for people who’ve felt socially isolated during the pandemic, one way to make an impression is to gift your time and skills.

Maybe your grandfather has been hoping to finish that bathroom renovation project but hasn’t been able to finish it. Hickory bathtub installation can be a two or more person job. Instead of buying Grandpa a gift this year, what about helping him get his project done? If you’re skilled with tools and think you could help, consider giving him a call. Just being there could be the best gift of all.

If going to Grandpa’s to help out won’t work because of the pandemic, think about other ways you can spend time with loved ones from a safe distance. What about sending him a digital device ready to Zoom or Facetime? Even if he’s not tech-savvy, if you set it up ahead of time then you would still be there to help with that renovation by keeping him company online. Even if you’re just there in a digital thumbnail form guiding him through cuts or helping him figure out the plumbing, your interest in his project will be a gift he remembers.

Can’t be there in person or don’t have the time? There are many ways to give thoughtful gifts without being there, too. Maybe it’s ordering groceries for your parents. Or what about paying for a cleaning or other service that would make your loved one’s lives easier?



We all have those favorite outfits we reach for more than others. Clothes with the perfect fit that make us feel comfortable or give us a good experience regardless of the day’s agenda prevents discomfort and adds to our overall happiness. You don’t need a fashionista on your list to buy your recipient something special. Think about what your loved one likes to wear and then dive into the world of clothes.

When considering what type of clothing to buy, start with undergarments. Something as simple as a good bra can set any outfit up for success. Sometimes, finding a good fit when it comes to bra size can be a challenge, but by ordering clothing online, you can always return the wrong size later on. A best option to avoid that return is finding a bra measuring guide online. With a simple tape measure, you’ll get closer to the best fit for your loved one. If they ask why you want their measurement, you can always tell them it’s for a surprise.

After throwing the best bra you can find in your cart, move to other lingerie they might like. Whether you picked a strapless bra or more comfortable bra, the next step will be finding other clothing they’ll enjoy. Consider what they normally wear. If their regular clothing is made of stretchy material, then they probably value comfort over fashion. If this is the case, try looking for leggings and oversized sweaters.

For some, the idea of clothes shopping for another person is intimidating. If you aren’t sure what kind of dress she’d want then you can always ask her. To make a bigger impression though, it’s better to trust your gut. What’s the worst thing that can happen? The surprise might just be worth it. Imagine how excited she’ll be with the perfect fit in a style she loves? In paying attention to her style and preferences, you’ll probably be able to get closer than you think to the perfect clothing gift.



If you have a tech lover on your list, you can kick your gift into overdrive with a present that they won’t soon forget. From cloud image storage space for peace of mind in saving those shared memories, to mobile devices‚Äìthe ideas for tech gifts are nearly limitless. Even if you don’t have years of experience with technology and barely understand the difference between a Google account and Onedrive, you can still buy gifts that keep your loved one cruising along online.

Consider asking your recipient what kind of technology they’d like. If you hope to keep it a surprise, think about what they use technology for. If you know, for example, that they’re a digital photographer or designer then cloud space and storage will be important (like the Creative Cloud). If they work in health insurance remotely selling health insurance plans, then programs and applications that would keep them in touch with co-workers would work, too. Or, for a creative mind who works on projects with many collaborators, the gift of a program to keep projects on track might also be of use. Got an entrepreneur on your list? What about buying them the URL to give their new business a boost?

The Zodiac


When shopping for the perfect gift, always consider your loved one’s personal interests. Maybe they’re into astrology. If you have someone on your list who regularly Googles things like “which type of edibles matches your Zodiac sign,” think about playing off their birth sign.

Maybe your partner’s a Gemini who’d love a birthstone ring or pendant. Consider custom engraving any jewelry you find, and make it even more unique by shopping in small boutiques, at second-hand shops, or even in pawn shops. You’ll increase your odds of finding something different if you think past big-box retail stores.

For someone who loves to watch stars, think about buying them their very own. A unique gift many stargazers love is having a star named after them and registered. Or, if that won’t work, consider telescopes, star identification books, and more.

In the end, the best gifts are the ones which you put the most thought into. This year, skip the gift cards and give gifts that are sure to leave an impression. Your recipient will remember you and your thoughtful gift-giving ways every time they use them.