Unique Gifts for an Unconventional Holiday Season

Buying gifts for a loved one involves a lot of planning and effort. Given that the year 2020 has been particularly difficult for a lot of people, the quality of your gift should matter all the more this year. Instead of the regular socks and tie for dad or apron or flowers for mum this year, we’ve compiled a list of five practical and unique gifts that your loved ones will want this holiday season, so keep reading as we explore these!

1. Pressure Washer

Now that most of the world has been forced to rethink the nature of work and school, most people are working and learning from home. This means that there is an annoying amount of laundry, dishes, and other chores that need to get done. Gifting your loved one a pressure washer is a great way to make sure that they are staying on top of their chores while spending a fraction of the time it would typically take them to complete their chores.

Pressure washers from Hotsy Industrial Systems are great for cleaning greasy and oily surfaces. Hotsy’s hot water pressure washers come fitted with several heat options to clean different amounts and levels of grease on your dishes and surfaces. Additionally, their different heat sources such as natural gas, oil, diesel, propane, and fuel oil ensure that you’re taking care of the environment.

2. Invisalign

An overbite (malocclusion) is formed when the teeth in the upper jaw project over the teeth in the lower jaw by about 50%. In most cases, an overbite may appear as crooked teeth when in the actual sense, the individual’s jaws and teeth are misaligned.

Invisalign can fix overbites, which is why so many dentists recommend them. Invisalign (invisible aligners) is a novel dental treatment that uses invisible clear guides to align the wearer’s teeth in the right place. These clear guides are fitted directly onto the wearer’s teeth. The fact that they are clear in color makes them imperceptible to other people, which is an added benefit if you feel uncomfortable being an orthodontic patient.


When an overbite is not treated it may cause the teeth to crowd each other, and if there is no space, the teeth will grow in a crooked manner. Overbites in young children are usually caused by thumb-sucking, using a pacifier, and overusing a bottle. In teenagers and adults, nail-biting and chewing on stationery such as pens and pencils can cause an overbite.

The American Dental Association found that nearly 70% of children present the signs of having an overbite. This holiday season, help your children or a child in your life correct their smile by gifting them getting an Invisalign orthodontic session. Orthodontic treatment can be the best way to help them regain a sense of confidence.

3. Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans, and when it comes to women’s jeans, you can never go wrong with White House Black Market Jeans. With jeans selection options that cater to all body sizes, choose from their straight jeans, boot cut jeans, flare jeans, fashion jeans, curvy, slim, skinny jeans options—to mention a few.

Denim is a versatile clothing option that the fashionista in your life will be sure to appreciate. COVID-19 has limited our ability to socialize, meaning that these days, dressing up is becoming more of a novelty. When the world is back to normal, the need for socially acceptable clothing will be higher than ever and the fashionista in your life will be grateful for the new wardrobe addition.


Before you decide to gift a loved one a pair of jeans, make sure you know their exact jeans size and preferred denim color and style. Gifting them a pair of jeans that’s more in line with their taste is a great way to make sure that your gift is appreciated. If you are unsure of their size, White House Black Market Jeans also have an e-gift card and gift card option that you can take advantage of. You can purchase a gift card for your loved one with a maximum value of $500.

4. A Random Letter

Prisons in the United States are overpopulated. Living in a confined space, and away from the people that they love, inmates experience heightened levels of depression and loneliness. Because of this, a number of online platforms exist to help prisoners form meaningful connections through a penpal system.

Some websites allow prisoners to post advertisements seeking pen pal’s to correspond with. These ads typically include their date of release, jail number, prison address, biography, and photographs. In some cases, these ads may also include the criminal charges leveled against them. For optimum efficiency, these ads may also include the type of relationship that the inmate is seeking (friendship, a romantic partner, religious guide, to mention a few).


When you write a letter to someone in jail, engaging in that dialogue can help you and the inmate build a meaningful relationship. For prisoners serving long sentences, communication with their spouses may be strained or almost non-existent. Additionally, some of their immediate family members may have passed away, making it that they have no one to talk to, outside of their prison walls. Starting up a regular correspondence with an inmate can help renew in them a sense of community while giving you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done a good deed for some else.

5. Microwaveable House Slippers

Considering the fact that most people will be spending a ton of time indoors over the holiday season, household slippers will be an essential addition to any household. When it comes to unique gift ideas for Christmas, microwaveable household slippers make the perfect holiday gift, here’s why. If you’re loved one’s feet are always cold, microwaveable slippers can help them stay warmer, for longer. This is because heated slippers are designed to generate heat to all parts of your feet; this improves heat and blood circulation.

Additionally, heated slippers come fitted with naturally disinfected grains. These grains are packed at the top of the slipper and when the heat is applied to them, they generate a warm, therapeutic sensation to one’s feet, for a long time. A pair of heatable house slippers are a great way to make sure that your loved one can engage in a low-effort self-care regimen at the end of a long day.


Gifting a loved one is an activity that requires time and sufficient effort. Considering the year we’ve all had, everyone could benefit from a unique but somewhat holiday gift. Knowing this, make sure you put in the effort to make sure that your loved one receives a Holiday gift that is both heartfelt and practical.