What Jewels You Should Wear Based on Your Tarot

Some people use tarot to see into the future in order to help them make big life decisions. Others use it to empower themselves moment by moment with a shorter outlook. You can enhance or counteract what comes up in your tarot cards based on the jewelry you wear.

Jewels and certain jewelry items are thought to have an energy of their own. Using that energy to attract positive outcomes can help you out when you’re trying to capture and embody the essence of a tarot reading. Here’s how you can mindfully pick your jewelry based on the outcome of a reading.

How do you attract or keep love?


If you draw a card, like The Lovers tarot card, love is certainly on the horizon. You might just be about to meet your match if you haven’t already or reconnect more deeply with your current partner. To attract a new partner, it’s not a bad idea to wear pearls or something with a rose quartz stone. The Lovers card is associated with Venus‚Äîor Aphrodite if you want to call her by her Greek name‚Äîwho’s the Goddess in charge of everything to do with love and passion. By wearing items associated with her influence to your next date or even while you’re out grocery shopping, it will open your heart to the possibilities of partnership.

If you already have a partner, jewelry can be a symbolic part of your relationship. When you pull The Lovers card from your tarot deck, take your wedding rings to get cleaned, so your partner sees that you’re taking care of an important part of your relationship. Either that or wear a necklace or bracelet that was given to you by your lover. They’ll likely notice and love that you’re getting used out of something that they hand-selected for you.

How do you unlock your divine feminine power?


Pulling a card, like The Empress, means it’s time to tap into the feminine power that replenishes the Earth. The Empress represents nature and fertility. The card is confident and authoritative, which gives you a chance to tap into the more outgoing side of yourself.

Diamond jewelry is often associated with feminine energy. Perhaps that’s why diamonds are common in engagement rings and wedding bands. Usually, diamonds are gifted, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t buy them for yourself. Self-love is just as important as any other kind of love.

For example, if you’re wondering whether to purchase a natural diamond or synthetic diamonds, the choice is up to you. Synthetic diamonds are still real diamonds. To the naked eye, they’re exactly the same. The difference is that they’re produced in a lab. Lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable for buyers and have less of an impact on the Earth. Wear your diamonds after pulling The Empress and your confidence will surely sparkle.

How do you deflect negative energy?


Unfortunately, there are some tarot cards that aren’t the most comforting when pulled, like the nine of swords. This card represents a time of anxiety or worry that may be coming your way. Wearing jewelry that has clear quartz incorporated can help protect you from the effects of negative energy. You can also use this item as a talisman that you cleanse and charge under a full moon. Try associating a mantra with your talisman, so whenever you’re feeling anxious you can touch it or hold it and it will bring you comfort.

Wearing a necklace, ring, or bracelet makes a statement about you, no matter if you’re using its magickal properties or not. Utilizing your tarot and your jewelry as a tool to help you through everyday life isn’t just fun, but could end up being functional. Attract the energy you want to receive by putting it out into the world.